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Computer Project

Computer Project

The Computer Project was started in May, 2005 with six laptops and one personal computer. The first computer students were five children from Tumaini Children’s Home who had already done their Form 4 final examination.  The number of students quickly increased and soon there were forty students coming from the neighboring areas.


In June of 2005, John and Marylyn Parker from Norton Presbyterian church visited the home and Mr. John Parker became involved with the computer program. Due to the number of students we had at that time they had to share laptops. John helped raise money to purchase five more desktop computers. This improved the quality of the program immensly as it nearly doubled the number of computers availble for the forty students.


We achieved our first goal for the project, “Providing Hope”.  The computer program received another donation through Rev. Eve Tolly that allowed us to purchase four more desktop computers along with a colored printer. We now offer training in computer packages, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.  Most of the students that have taken these training courses have gotten good jobs from their Certificate of Completion.


We have started offering other services like designing cards of all types and offering typesetting services to the community.  Through Rev. Tolley's support, we now have internet.  Access to internet has opened the world to Tumaini Children's Home and now, has opened Tumaini Children's Home to the world.

Adult Computer Classes

The computer program is available to adults in the community.  They learn skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint and can earn a certificate that will help them in the expanding computer job market.


Child Computer Classes

All the children at Tumaini Children's home have scheduled time to work on the computers.  The primary children spend the majority of their time working on basic math, science, and language skills while improving their use of the mouse.

The secondary students are working on typing skills to prepare themselves for future classes where they will learn more about the Microsoft Office Suite.