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The Parish and Its Mission

Riamukurwe Parish is one of the Parishes in the Presbytery of Nyeri.  The Parish was inaugurated on July 27, 1997.  The new Parish was challenged by the life in the community and felt that it had been called to serve God by serving the people.  Proclamation of the Gospel and service to the people is inseparable.  It embarked on both “spiritual and physical development” hence a Development Committee was formed.  Our Lord Jesus Christ came to serve and save humanity and in His ministry He preached by word and deed.  He cared for all kinds of people.  His ministry consisted of preaching, teaching and healing.  Riamukurwe Parish chose this as its model to guide it.

The Parish found that it has a ministry in this marginalized community.  The majority of the people are below poverty line.  Many live on subsistence farming, food is scarce, and the area covered by the Parish is affected by drought from time to time. However, the way of living in the community did not discourage the parishioners.  They knew that the church is in a world with many problems and Jesus came into such a world.  He met the poor, the sick, and the hungry and attended to them.  Jesus never passed or left anyone in need.  During the time the Parish began to discuss these issues (1997), there were also a lot of talks about “Street Children”.  Towns and cities had many children wandering the streets: both orphans and those from poor families.  They mainly went to towns and cities to look for food because nobody cared for them.  The Parish knew with God's help they would be able to help with this problem.

In the Parish community there are three schools: a Nursery School, Primary School and Secondary School.  The church in its pastoral work discovered that there were many poor children who attended these schools.  One of the main problems in these poor families was getting food.  Some children in these families had abandoned school due to poverty and had gone to the nearest towns and market places to look for help.  Some members of the local church brought in these reports about children in the community and after much discussion and prayer, the Tumaini Children's Home Project began.

A short synopsis about the various projects is found below.  Select their link to the left to read more about each one.

Children's Project

The Children's Project helps provide food, shelter, and education for needy children.  Click on the link to read how this project was started and some of the amazing things it has been able to accomplish through faith.

Tailoring Project

The Tailoring Project provides uniforms and school bags for all the primary students students at Tumaini Children's home.  Click the Tailoring Project link to read more about this expanding program.

Computer Project

The Computer Project was established in June, 2005.  It began with only a few used individual laptop computers and now has 10 desktop computers and 5 laptops networked together.  Click on the Computer Project link to the left to read more.

Photo Page

See more photos of the wonderful children who have been blessed by the Tumaini Children's home project by clicking on the Photo Galley link.